At Britannia Woodworking we use a wide range of timbers all from sustainable sources.

The range of softwood and hardwoods we use are suitable for furniture, windows, doors and a range of bespoke items all which are discussed with the customer to their requirements.


Origin-Eastern USA Uses-Light construction, furniture, interior joinery, kitchen cabinet doors, panelling and mouldings. Durability-Non-resistant to decay. Potentially ideal for preservative treatments

KD African Sapele

Origin-West Africa Uses-Widely used for furniture joinery, shop fittings, decorative flooring Durability-Heartwood moderately durable. Resistant to preservative treatment. Sapwood moderately resistant.

European Oak

Origin-Italy Uses-Highly desired as a decorative wood for panelling and joinery. Also used for furniture and cabinet work. Internal and external joinery, flooring, veneering and shopfitting. Durabilty-Moderate heartwood naturally resistant to decay. Sapwood permeable

American White Oak

Origin-Eastern USA Uses-Construction, furniture, flooring, architectural joinery, exterior joinery, mouldings, doors, kitchen cabinet, panelling, railway sleepers, timber bridges, barrel staves, coffins and caskets. Durability-Durable

KD African Idigbo

Origin-West Africa Uses-Domestic flooring, furniture and high class joinery, interior and exterior work. Durabiilty-Heartwood durable in terms of preservative treatments. Sapwood moderately resistant