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PLANITHERM is Europe's best selling high performance low-emissovity glass, incorporating the very latest advancements in thermally insulating glass coating technology, PLANITHERM is rapidly becoming recognised as the low-E glass of choice when it comes to achieving the best possible Window Energy Ratings.

Accoya® wood is a high technology wood

17/05/2012Accoya® wood is a high technology wood which is more durable than teak, redwood or hardwood. It is sustainable, dimensionally stable and highly reliable. Accoya® has been developed to have performance properties that match or exceed those of the very best tropical hardwoods and is made only from fast growing, sustainably-sourced wood. It is non-toxic and, because it is so stable, it is easy to maintain which has both financial and significant environmental benefits. It also boasts superior resistance to the effects of UV exposure meaning that the natural appearance of the wood is retained for longer.

Solis Window Opener

23/01/2013Solar powered opening for windows and rooflights Wireless remote control Zero energy consumption For new-builds, retro-fits and DIY

Planitherm-Calculate your savings

16/05/2012We are confident that installing PLANITHERM will enable you to enjoy significant savings on your energy bills - as much as 28%.

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" We are very happy with the finished products and the HIGH STANDARD of workmanship "
J Hearnshaw

" Very many thanks to Mark, who has done a great job on the window "
Mrs Roe